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On the occasion of its twelfth anniversary, Fondazione CON IL SUD promotes the national event “WITH THE SOUTH, THE BEFORE AND THE AFTER”. The event mainly gives prominence to its commitment to changing the present, as resulting from the several (over a thousand) experiences that have been supported by the Foundation over the years. Projects initiated by third sector organisations, foundations, through networking with other local public and private bodies capable of mobilising the consciences and energies of those who live in those territories. The focus is on the various local development processes, which rely on the lever of participation, in the light of community-building and solidarity, by means of brave actions to combat Mafia organisations and to realise fair economy, in order to foster integration of migrants and the struggle against youth social distress. Read more…

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Dove i frutti cresceranno, © Olmo Amato

Where fruits will grow

“Where fruits will grow” is a work created by Olmo Amato, selected by the Biennale MArteLive and awarded by Fondazione CON IL SUD for [...]

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LiberaMente insieme: in Polistena, the symbol of criminal power becomes a place of hope and rebirth Polistena (Reggio Calabria), [...]

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Discovering the change

The event is an occasion to discover or learn about particular experiences, organisations, women and men who are marking a turning [...]

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