From August 7 – 9, to mark the occasion of its thirteenth birthday, the CON IL SUD Foundation will accompany a group of journalists, foreign press correspondents, and representatives of national and international foundations in the discovery of a “slow-moving but rock-solid revolution” started in Castelbuono. With just over 8,000 inhabitants, in the cool of the Madonie mountain range and near the Tyrrhenian Sea, Castelbuono is best known for its precious “manna”, a solidified sugary sap, and for its unique harvesting method that takes place throughout August. It will be a genuine and memorable journey in learning about local bottom-up development projects, which have been supported by the CON IL SUD Foundation and have since involved organizations, young people, farmers, and locals. A journey to get to know a community created from social cohesion and the riches of its territory; a community that has started a new way of doing local development in southern Italy and thus has become a visionary for its future. Read more…


Fondazione Con Il Sud

Out tour in Castelbuono: photo and video

To mark the occasion of its thirteenth birthday, the CON IL SUD Foundation promoted the event CON IL SUD CHE  FA#. From August 7 [...]

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In a mural the identity of Castelbuono

Riccardo Buonafede’s street art is characterized by messages with social significance. This particular mural is dedicated to the [...]

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Castelbuono, lives up to its name

There is a place in Sicily where a slow-moving but rock-solid revolution is underway. Some years ago, Castelbuono, a small town in the [...]

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Foto di Elisabetta Brian – “Istantanee da Castelbuono” – progetto Design in Town

Rock ‘n’ love: a new model of development

CON IL SUD CHE FA# CON IL SUD Foundation’s 13th Birthday August 7 to 9, 2019 in Castelbuono (Palermo) On a tour of the best southern [...]

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